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The Flexibility to

Meet the Unique Needs

of Every Organization

Our Emotional Intelligence Learning Toolkit supports long-term habit change with a set of integrated and flexible components that can be combined to meet the specific needs of an entire organization or team. In-person and online options allow for high-impact, high availability learning at an affordable price.


There are thousands of ways to combine our Toolkit components to best match your needs, whether you want to reach a small or midsized team with in-person learning, support a larger or distributed team with Online Video Workshops (with a live Oji Coach), or take a first step towards EI with a high-impact presentation for your executive team. The possibilities are endless.


At Oji Life Lab we strive to be more than engaging by offering a complete solution that cultivates lasting habits. Our smartphone app and entire Toolkit provide the ongoing learning and reinforcement that deliver real change.




Our Keynotes offer a fascinating and engaging introduction to the importance of Emotional Intelligence and the key tools used to manage it. Keynotes are ideal for conferences and executive groups, while our Briefings are best suited to more intimate groups.


Presented by our Founding Scientific Partners and Oji staff.



and Briefings

In-Person Workshops

Our In-Person Workshops are fast-paced, hands-on learning experiences that help your teams gain the skills they need to understand and manage their emotions. Delivered as a single session or spread out across multiple sessions, Oji Life Lab Workshops are ideal for executives and senior leaders and any employees that would benefit from enhancing their emotional intelligence.


Workshops are led by an Oji Coach and can be hosted in your facility or at a location that best meets your needs.




Our Online Workshops provide the same rich learning experience as our in-person experiences, but with the convenience that only online learning can offer. Our online solution is delivered live, led by an Oji Coach for groups of up to 10 participants, offering two-way video communication for all.


Online Workshops are ideal for distributed teams or when you want to offer learning on a more flexible schedule. And, while the online experience is a no-compromise solution, it offers substantial cost advantages.




The Oji Life Lab Mobile Learning App offers continuous learning and habit formation supported by 24/7 access to EI content.


The Mobile App combines a range of tools and features that help team members understand and manage their emotions throughout every day, including research-proven features such as the Mood Meter and Meta Moments tools. To reinforce EI learning and habits, the Mobile App also offers micro-learning Q&A and access to the Oji Library of EI content.


Our Coaches work with your leaders one-on-one, creating a positive environment to discuss the key concepts and habits of emotional intelligence and explore the best ways to apply these tools to their performance as well as their team’s.


Coaching is available in-person, online with video, or over the phone.




Need a refresher on key EI concepts? Have an urgent need for guidance on how to handle an emotionally charged situation? The Oji Library is available 24/7 – via the Oji App or the web - to get you up-to-speed with micro-learning videos and overview content.



Gain key insights into your organization's emotional climate and devise an action plan for EI development by completing our Emotional Climate Survey. Using our Mobile App or any web browser, we survey your organization’s emotional climate and compare it to Yale-developed benchmarks.


Based on your Survey results, we can provide targeted recommendations on how to address EI-related issues.  (Available in late 2017)


Emotional Climate Survey