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In business today, we often realize that our teams have deep job skills but lack the general – but essential – competencies that make good teams great. At Oji Life Lab, we've built on our core EI focus to help organizations develop these Universal Skills.


We offer a range of in-person and online Workshops that explore these Universal Skills, providing key insights and skills that are critical at work and throughout life. As you'd expect, EI is a touchstone in every discussion.




Think of a great collaborative learning experience - devising a plan, telling a story, making a pitch, building a widget. Collaborating with a fun team and a great Coach, talking, brainstorming, debating and designing.


That's what the Oji experience is all about - trying things out, exploring, and - most importantly - building invaluable habits.

Mix &


You pick and choose the Workshops that work for your organization. Our Workshops are 3-4 hours in length. In-person experiences are typically delivered as a single session, while online experiences are typically broken into 75 minute sessions.


Our Online Workshops are live, featuring two-way video that links up to 10 participants and an Oji Coach. This approach delivers the full richness of our in-person Workshops, but with greater convenience (and at a substantial cost savings).


We're constantly working on new Workshop designs that cover related topics, so let us know if you're looking for something you don't see below.




9 Ball


If making good decisions is critical to success at work (and in life), why don't we study it? Fortunately, there is great research on how to make good decisions.  Now, Oji Life Lab delivers these insights to your teams.


By exploring decisions in your work and life, your teams will develop better decision-making skills...while having fun dissecting an episode of Love it or List it.


This 4-hour Workshop explores a research-proven five step decision-making process, combined with an exploration of techniques to combat cognitive biases.


Every day, your employees' personalities are interacting. When the combinations are just right, performance takes off. When they're not...well, you know what happens.


In this Workshop, developed with Marc Brackett of Yale University, your team will gain critical insights into the nature of personality and how it impacts performance in the workplace and throughout life. After taking an online Big Five personality test, each person will develop an action plan to make the most out of their personality.



Elements of Personality

Research shows that people are most effective when they understand what matters most to them and arrange their life to pursue it. Trouble is, many people aren't conscious of the pursuits and values that give their life meaning.


In this 4 hour Workshop, your team will identify the "sparks" that drive them, exploring how these sparks intersect with their personal values. Finally, they'll imagine how they can incorporate these elements into work and every day life.

Journey to the

Center of You

Purpose and Values

We all know that it's essential to have goals, but that doesn't mean we know how to effectively set and pursue them. Fortunately, psychologists have discovered how to define great goals and design a plan to achieve them.


This Workshop lays out a clear framework for improved goal-setting, while exploring an episode of The Biggest Loser as an example of good (and bad) goal-setting behavior.


Set Better Goals