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The cold, hard logic of EI learning

Improve team and individual performance.

We all know emotions are critical to performance (and everything else). What's amazing is that most of us don't learn anything about them – how to identify them, understand them, or harness them. For ourselves or others. Improve your team's EI and expect better collaboration, higher engagement, lower burnout and improved business results.

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Emotions in the Wild

We've Got Your Research

Over the past 25 years, over 350,000 studies have been published on the importance of emotions and emotional intelligence. A few examples below:

“Myopic Misery”

Emotions play a major role in decision-making. In this study from 2012, “sad” subjects were found to be myopic about a financial reward, accepting 13-34% less money rather than waiting three months for payment.

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EI Improves Academic Performance

RULER, our cofounders' EI learning system for education, has been shown to improve year-end grades in English and Language Arts classes and have other benefits in the classroom. That's probably why more than 1 million students have been trained in RULER.

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EI Drives Workplace Performance

In a study from 2006, researchers found that emotionally intelligent individuals earned bigger merit salary increases and held higher positions in companies. In addition, peers and supervisors said that high EI employees had superior interpersonal skills and were better at managing stress.

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