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A learning experience like no other. Now you can develop
essential skills for personal and organizational success.

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What’s a Life Lab?

Each Life Lab helps your team build skills in a single critical area, with a
program that is easy on the schedule but life-changing in its impact.
The upshot: you won’t just gain information, you’ll gain new habits.

Learn anytime, at your pace

A sequence of mini activities builds lasting habits

Oji Coaches are with you all the way

Built with the world’s top researchers

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Oji Emotions

When you boost emotional intelligence, performance takes off.

Developed with our co-founders from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Oji Emotions is a breakthrough in EI learning. It’s helping leading organizations today deliver big improvements in performance, collaboration and overall mental health.

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life lab spotlight

Oji Decide

Your best decision ever: rolling out our breakthrough decision-making program.

“A decision is the only way to intentionally improve your business or life” says our decision guru, Dr. Ralph Keeney. Oji Decide will take your team’s skills to places you can’t imagine.

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Don’t take our word for it

What do healthcare leaders, cutting-edge technologists and
cement masons have in common?

They all have emotions.
“What a brilliant program! Congratulations to the OJI team. It’s literally been the most profound learning experience I’ve ever had.”
Catherine Couchman
Critical Care Nurse
The oji learning system

Up Close with Life Labs

You don’t make lunch with pliers, so why teach soft skills with a learning
system designed for coding bootcamps or corporate compliance? When it
comes to behavior change, we need a new way to learn.

Mobile Learning

When is the best time to learn? Whenever you’re ready. That’s why each Life Lab lives on your phone, so you can learn at your desk or on your sofa, in the middle of a busy day or when you’re relaxing.

Live Learning

It takes time to build habits: exploration, practice, self-reflection, coaching. That’s why the heart of each Life Lab is a sequence of engaging mini-lessons that let skills take root over months, not hours.

Custom Tools

Each Life Lab has an integrated tool that supports you as you practice the skills you’ve learned.

Reveal real-world outcomes with our
one-of-a-kind Stories system

Results you can see

Guessing about impact is over. With Stories, you can see how your learners are using their new skills to excel. During the learning process, users apply "success tags" to Stories they capture as text, video or audio. Then, you use our web Dashboard to analyze the tags, providing clear evidence of learning ROI.

Clear ROI

Seattle Cement Masons Union

At the Cement Masons Union in Seattle, each learner captured 9 success stories in just the first 4 weeks of learning. Biggest improvements? Decision-making and mental health.

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