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Master of strategy, supply chains, and all 2193 emotions.*

Master of strategy, supply chains, and all 2193 emotions.*

Emotional intelligence. It drives decision-making, relationships, creativity and more. Now, you can elevate performance with our breakthrough emotion learning system. It’s built and priced for individuals, teams and entire organizations.

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Emotional Intelligence: Pure Genius

Emotions impact every facet of the human experience. And decades of research show that as we improve our emotional intelligence (EI), we can boost our decision-making, attention, memory, creativity and relationships.

Over 1 million students and major organizations have benefited from our cofounders' system, a research-proven approach that raises emotional intelligence, for the long-term.

Imagine emotional intelligence in action...

  • A surgeon heading into the operating room

  • A lawyer meeting a new client

  • A mom caring for a newborn

  • A manager negotiating a deal

  • A financial advisor guiding an anxious client

  • A couple, dealing with financial pressure

  • An HR pro addressing a workplace conflict

  • A parent dealing with her kid’s (difficult) teacher

  • A customer service rep helping an unhappy customer

  • You, in stop-and-go traffic

    Bite-sized learning. Big-time changes.

    Bite-sized learning. Big-time changes.

    Why not dream? You want a system that delivers lasting change, that you can scale to your entire organization. And that fits perfectly in the modern, hectic workplace. That may sound like a pipe dream, but you can have it all. Really.

    Our one-of-a-kind system is a leap forward for mobile learning, combining micro-learning and live video coaching into a powerful system for lasting habit formation. You can roll out the Emotion Life Lab to teams of any size or to individuals. It's a personalized learning solution with enterprise scale.

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    MESH learning: you're in control.

    MESH learning: you're in control.

    Our MESH digital learning system re-imagines monolithic workshops as a sequence of bite-sized learning steps experienced on your phone. Jump in at your desk, while sipping tea, or during your commute to work. You drive the pace.

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    Think outside the app

    Think outside the app

    Our “Live Labs” take e-learning far beyond its traditional bounds. Oji Coaches bring the learning to life with group and one-on-one video sessions that are integrated right into the learning sequence, within the Oji Life Lab app. These live sessions deliver the type of engagement, personalization and depth that only in-person learning can deliver, all with mobile convenience.

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    what makes our customers happy

    Your time, your place icon

    Your time, your place

    You choose the best time and place to work in the Emotion Life Lab. Complete one step a day or one a week - it's up to you.

    Gain insight & lasting habits icon

    Gain insight & lasting habits

    Our sequence of short and engaging learning activities applies spiral learning techniques to deliver lasting learning.

    Highly personalized, highly scalable icon

    Highly personalized, highly scalable

    The MESH platform delivers personalized live learning while maximizing ease-of-scaling.

    The best minds in emotional intelligence

    In the Emotion Life Lab, you'll learn from two of the world's top researchers and teachers of emotional intelligence. Marc Brackett is the Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where Robin Stern is the Associate Director.

    If you're not an EI nerd, here's a little secret: the first paper on emotional intelligence was co-authored at Yale University in 1990 and Yale has led the way in EI research ever since.

    Meet the Team

    Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

    Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

    Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

    Robin Stern, Ph.D.

    Robin Stern, Ph.D.

    Associate Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

    Let's talk about emotions

    We'd love to hear about your EI learning goals and
    walk you through the Emotion Life Lab.

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    * Research has identified over 2000 words in the English language for emotions