Leadership skills that last. That’s called mastery.

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Check it out: a unique fusion of step-by-step mobile learning and live coach-led discussion groups that helps leaders build lasting skills and delivers real business impact. Designed with the world's top thinkers.

Introducing Life Labs. There's nothing else like it.

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The difference is mastery

Why invest in training if you're not building real skills that elevate performance?

You can call it mastery, skill-building or behavior change, but the bottom line is that you don't want leaders who check the box; you want leaders that perform. Problem is, conventional learning programs aren't great at building mastery.

At Oji Life Lab, we're focused 100% on mastery-centered learning. We built the Oji Life Lab Platform from the ground up with one goal: to help grow leadership mastery, step-by-step. And, to give you the proof that it's working with our Proof of Impact reporting system.

What's a Life Lab?

We're not here to help people know. Our aim is to help people do. In each Life Lab, insights are shared, skills are practiced, and mastery is built over time.

The core of each Life Lab is a unique hybrid of step-by-step learning and live video-coaching, providing the kind of deep learning that skill-building requires. Our customers will tell you: it works.

Bite-sized learning sequence

To develop mastery, Life Labs break each topic into a sequence of brief activities that build skills one step-at-a-time, over several months. Now that's real behavior change.

Coach-led live discussions

Life Labs seamlessly integrate live video coaching and group discussions into the learning sequence, delivering the practice and feedback that's essential to building mastery.

Mobile first

The Oji-designed mobile platform allows learners to build skills at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. It's the ultimate in convenience.

Developed with top thinkers

We've assembled a team of some of the top thinkers on the planet to make sure that your people are learning from the best.

The Oji Life Lab Portfolio

Our growing family of Life Labs helps your teams build mastery around essential leadership skills.

How Life Labs Build Mastery

Building real skills happens over time

Oji's system of bite-sized learning experiences build skills over weeks and months. The effect is lasting change.

Coaching and peer learning are key

Nothing can replace discussion, practice and feedback. That's why coach-led sessions – in groups and one-on-one – are integrated into the learning sequence.

Friction-free learning

The combination of mobile and self-paced learning means that your people can learn at the time and place that's best for them.

The best ingredients for the best results

Our expert partners ensure that the best research and real-world experience are at the core of the learning process.

Don’t take our word for it.

“My team and I have read Marc’s book and now we have rolled out Oji Emotions to our employees to provide them additional tools to build their emotion scientist skills. I highly recommend both.”
Kim Bilyeu
Sr. Manager Global Education at Johnson & Johnson
“The Emotion Life Lab has been amazing and so meaningful in every aspect of my life. I will be forever grateful!”
Lori Schroeder, LLM, JD, PMP
Associate Director, Business Operations, Contracts and Compliance, Yale University
It’s rare to find a born leader. Most of the skills needed to thrive at the top have to be learned and that journey can be a long one. Oji Foundations is cracking the leadership learning code with a system designed to take managers from good to great.
Daniel Morris
Former Head of Talent at Trulia & Uber
“What a brilliant program! Congratulations to the OJI team. It’s literally been the most profound learning experience I’ve ever had.”
Catherine Couchman
Critical Care Nurse
It's a harsh reality that new managers are often left to figure out how to manage and lead without any training. That's why Oji Foundations is so important. It addresses the key skill areas that a new manager needs to thrive.
Danny Warshay
Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University

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The Oji Life Lab Solutions

Oji Foundations

Launch new managers with the skills they need for future success

Build the real-world skills every new manager needs in a one-of-a-kind step-by-step program. Designed with Linda Hill from Harvard Business School and a team of top thinkers.


Oji Lead

Give your leaders the skills they need to excel, at the pace that works for them.

Your managers have the basic skills they need. Now, help them gain the cutting-edge skills they need to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of today. Designed with a group of the world's top leadership experts.

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Oji Emotions

When you boost emotional intelligence, performance takes off.

Developed with our co-founders from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Oji Emotions is a breakthrough in EI learning. It’s helping leading organizations today deliver big improvements in performance, collaboration and overall mental health.

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Oji Decide

Your best decision ever: rolling out our breakthrough decision-making program.

“A decision is the only way to intentionally improve your business or life” says our decision guru, Dr. Ralph Keeney. Oji Decide will take your team’s skills to places you can’t imagine.

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Impact is Everything

When it comes to assessing a learning program, we're not convinced by completion rates and 10 point quizzes, and we suspect you aren't, either.
That's why our Proof of Impact System is designed to demonstrate real-world impact, showing you how your investment is paying off.

Learners capture and tag Stories that describe actual learning benefits

Analyze learner benefits anytime on your web-based Dashboard

Review your learning outcomes in the Proof of Impact Report

Experience is the Best Teacher

We know you have unique needs and requirements, so let our Customer Success team help you find the best way to take advantage of our solutions. We can help you to design a first deployment – whether for 10 people or 500 – that will help you assess the fit for your people. 1. Run a Oji Life Lab test 2. Evaluate the results 3. Build support for next steps