The new workplace requires new skills

Everyone knows it: the competencies that your managers relied on yesterday won't cut it today.

But they're too busy navigating wave after wave of change to invest in skill-building for the future. So, they cope. Maybe read a few online articles. Or take an online course.

Trouble is, those efforts may prepare them for conversation at networking events and job interviews, but they don't help them put the ideas into action. Whether they're managing change, growing trust, or driving innovation, your leaders need to acquire the specific, repeatable habits that lead to lasting performance gains. That's what Oji Lead is all about.

Take leadership mastery to the next level, step-by-step

How can you achieve team or organizational excellence without strong leadership? Truth is, you can't. That's why we created Oji Lead: to give your managers the skills that matter most in today's workplace. And we're not talking about a tour of the hottest buzz words: we're here to build real mastery.

As a program built specifically for seasoned leaders, Oji Foundations has the vibe of a graduate seminar, with an emphasis on discussion, personal coaching, and flexibility. We've worked with a team of world-class thinkers to create an experience that fits into the chaos of the modern workplace while delivering real impact.

In-demand topics, on demand

When you're ready to help your managers gain the skills they need for today's work world, Oji Lead is ready to go. Managers can start anytime and proceed at whatever pace works.

Linda Hill and a team of top thinkers

A team of world-class thinkers collaborated to design Oji Lead, featuring renowned leadership expert Linda Hill Ph.D. of Harvard Business School. Your leaders are learning from the best.

One-on-one coaching

Managers are paired with an Oji Executive Coach that they meet with throughout the program, providing lots of opportunities to get personalized feedback on a range of topics, whether related to Oji Lead or not.

Build skills step-by-step

To grow leadership mastery, Oji Lead develops skills in a sequence of brief activities over time. Learners progress at whatever pace works for them, when they have the time and motivation. It's the best way to build lasting behaviors.

Team Lab: The best of coaching and peer learning

Practice, feedback and live discussion are key to deep learning. That's why Oji Lead includes our unique Team Lab environment. In Team Lab, each learner joins a small team with a dedicated Coach for a series of in-depth sessions and projects.


Learners can take advantage of a library of Checklists that implement the core skills presented in the program.


Learners can pick from an ongoing calendar of optional sessions on a range of leadership topics.

The Details

Your learners will hear directly from our team of top thinkers as they explore practical solutions in seven key areas.

Managing change

Respond to, and drive, change in a dynamic environment

Strategic thinking

Create plans that succeed

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Create a team culture that embraces everyone


Cultivate the creativity that delivers superior outcomes

Leadership styles

Explore the type of leader you want to be


Essential skill for any successful leader


Grow the trust that's critical for every team

Throughout the program, managers explore the "3 Imperatives" identified by Linda Hill: manage yourself, manage your team, and manage your network.

  • What’s included
  • Self-paced learning program experienced via the Oji App for iOS and Android, including live online sessions
  • One-on-one online coaching sessions with an Oji Coach
  • Team Lab with 8-person team and a dedicated Oji Coach, featuring live online discussions and practice sessions
  • Checklist library to help with key processes like giving feedback, leading meetings, defusing conflict and more.
  • Personality Assessment based on the global standard Big 5 model
  • Hack Stack with 100+ "cards" with key technique and ideas across all seven topic areas
  • Coach chat for on-the-fly tips and support from Oji Coaches
  • Content library with videos, written guides, and more

People are talking

“My team and I have read Marc's book and now we have rolled out Oji Emotions to our employees to provide them additional tools to build their emotion scientist skills. I highly recommend both.”
Kim Bilyeu
Sr. Manager Global Education at Johnson & Johnson
“The Emotion Life Lab has been amazing and so meaningful in every aspect of my life. I will be forever grateful!”
Lori Schroeder, LLM, JD, PMP
Associate Director, Business Operations, Contracts and Compliance, Yale University
It's rare to find a born leader. Most of the skills needed to thrive at the top have to be learned and that journey can be a long one. Oji Foundations is cracking the leadership learning code with a system designed to take managers from good to great.
Daniel Morris
Former Head of Talent at Trulia & Uber
“What a brilliant program! Congratulations to the OJI team. It’s literally been the most profound learning experience I’ve ever had.”
Catherine Couchman
Critical Care Nurse
It's a harsh reality that new managers are often left to figure out how to manage and lead without any training. That's why Oji Foundations is so important. It addresses the key skill areas that a new manager needs to thrive.
Danny Warshay
Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University

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