Our Origin Story

The Oji Life Lab team came together around a shared aspiration: to unlock the best learning - from academia and beyond - to make a big difference in peoples' lives.

Our founders’ backgrounds in high-tech, research psychology, corporate training, and psychotherapy set us on a path to innovate in every dimension: learning science, performance research, adult learning, coaching, design, and tech.

From the start, the founding team was committed to creating a new learning system that would address the many shortcomings of conventional corporate training, solutions that we felt were more focused on checking boxes than delivering real results.

While emotional intelligence is core to what we do, it‘s just the first Life Lab. We're building a complete family of Life Labs that address the soft skills that are foundational at work and in life – skills that are rarely discussed, let alone taught.

What We Do

Traditional soft skill training approaches develop awareness but fall far short of changing behavior in a lasting way.

Companies looking to build a positive culture and drive positive business outcomes turn to Oji Life Lab for soft skill development – not just for the C-suite, but throughout an organization, from operations managers to salespeople to customer support teams.

The skills built with Oji Life Lab increase employee retention, improve collaboration, build better relationships with clients and, ultimately, boost sales and profits. Leading organizations in every industry are investing in soft skill training now as they adapt to the New Future of Work.

How Oji works and delivers value

Oji Life Lab learning programs integrate self-paced micro-learning activities and live, coach-led video sessions in a unique habit formation system that elevates performance, whether for individuals, groups or entire organizations.

Our exclusive proof-of-performance web Dashboard delivers concrete measurements that show you exactly how your learners are benefiting.

What We Stand For

Transformation is the priority

We're laser-focused on delivering lasting change, helping more people be more successful at work and home. We're not here to deliver superficial success measures like completion rates. We're here to help people live better lives.

Meet people where they’re at

Whatever growth our learners are ready for, we’re ready to help. They’re in charge.

Focus maniacally on serving our customers

If our customers are happy, everything else tends to take care of itself.

Diversity of all forms is fundamental

We do better work and have richer lives when the full range of ideas and perspectives are shared. We embrace racial, cultural, sexual, religious and all forms of diversity.

Our products work

Our learners rely on us to help them transform their lives, and our products deliver results. Sales is no substitute for outcomes.

It Takes a Village

Matt Kursh

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Hoban

Chief Learning Officer

Robin Stern

Founding Scientific Advisor

Marc Brackett

Founding Scientific Advisor

Jon Robertson

Chief Customer Officer

Lars Asbjornsen

Chief Marketing Officer

Remy Frank

Director of Demand Generation

Camila Mize

Director of Customer Success

Casi Jones

Customer Relationship Manager

Maria Gonzalez

Customer Care Manager

Nicolas Demeilliers


Upasna Kaushik


Ashley Akerberg


Brian Dorheim


Laurie Patzer


Dr. Rana Al-Falaki


Joanna Lenn


Ann Mehl


The Smarts Behind our Smarts

Dr. Marc Brackett

Founding Director,

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence 

Child Study Center, Yale University

Dr. Robin Stern

Associate Director,

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Ralph Keeney

Research Professor,

Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Dr. Nina Mažar


Boston University Questrom School of Business CoFounder, 


Dr. Erika Hall

Associate Professor of Organization & Management