Everything you need to make every decision better.

Traditional e-learning delivers knowledge but not know-how. That’s why we built a new kind of e-learning experience from the ground up.

Use the best ingredients

We`ve integrated the breakthrough research of Dr. Ralph Keeney, a global leader in decision science, with insights from Drs. Nina Mazar (behavioral economics), Erika Hall (diversity), and Marc Brackett (emotional intelligence).

A learning experience like no other

61 steps that build skills for a lifetime

We’ve built a learning experience from the ground up to develop these essential skills. There’s something for everyone: expert videos, engaging activities, the Decision Tool, personal reflections, and much more.

Decision Sciences? Yes, that’s a thing.

A spreadsheet is not a decision.

Decades of research have shown that common decision-making tools like spreadsheets and pro-con lists are deeply flawed, giving a false sense of control while exposing you to hundreds of cognitive biases. With a well-defined decision-making process, you can make better, more confident choices that lead to better outcomes.

Good decisions. They’re critical to personal and professional success.

What goes into great decisions and how come we were never taught how to make them? What does a good decision look like? How do cognitive biases interfere? How do they work in teams? Now, individuals, teams and entire organizations can learn decision-making skills that will pay rewards every day.

News flash:
You can be a Master Decider.

With Oji Decide, you'll learn a proven methodology that will consistently
result in better decisions, including how to seek decision opportunities that will
improve your life instead of only making decisions to solve a problem.

You’ll learn how to... Frame decisions for success Clarify decision objectives Generate amazing options Make better choices

What’s included?

Complete, and completely unconventional

Improving your decision-making ability is a process, not an event. Oji Decide includes everything your team needs to build, retain, and grow its decision-making skills.

Supercharge e-learning with live learning

Conversations with Oji Coaches deliver breakthroughs with lasting impact.

Analyze decisions large and small

The integrated Decision Tool mini-app helps you apply your new skills to real-world decisions.

Learning support, just when you need it

Chat with our coaches when you need help applying your decision-making skills to real-life (real-world) situations.

This library’s open 24/7

Review your favorite videos and written guides anytime and anywhere.

Bring the team together

Engaging live group check-ins reinforce learning at the team level.

Ready to experience prolific results? Get
started in minutes for one or many.

$349 per person, one time


  • Full access to the complete 50+ step learning program
  • 6 live learning sessions led by an Oji Coach
  • Includes Decision Tool mini-app
  • Live text chat with Oji Coaches
  • Oji Life Lab App for iOS and Android
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Everything included for Individuals, plus…

  • Full rollout support from Customer Success Team
  • Web Dashboard for engagement tracking
  • Success Story access for ROI analytics
  • Personalized webinar check-ins for your teams
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