Everything you need for EI breakthroughs. Just add people.

Traditional e-learning doesn’t cut it if you’re trying to change behavior. That’s why we built a new kind of learning experience, from the ground up.

Use the best ingredients

Our trailblazing co-founders have helped 1 million+ people improve their EI

The insights of Dr. Marc Brackett and Dr. Robin Stern, leaders of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, are at the core of Oji Emotions.

A learning experience like no other

50 steps that build skills for a lifetime

We’ve built a learning experience from the ground to develop these essential skills. There’s something for everyone: expert videos, engaging activities, the Mood Meter tool, personal reflections, and much more.

Don’t take our word for it

What do healthcare leaders, cutting-edge technologists and
cement masons have in common?

They all have emotions.
“My team and I have read Marc's book and now we have rolled out Oji Emotions to our employees to provide them additional tools to build their emotion scientist skills. I highly recommend both.”
Kim Bilyeu
Sr. Manager Global Education at Johnson & Johnson
“Oji Emotions has been amazing and so meaningful in every aspect of my life. I will be forever grateful!”
Lori Schroeder, LLM, JD, PMP
Associate Director, Business Operations, Contracts and Compliance, Yale University
“It's rare to find a born leader. Most of the skills needed to thrive at the top have to be learned and that journey can be a long one. Oji Foundations is cracking the leadership learning code with a system designed to take managers from good to great.”
Daniel Morris
Former Head of Talent at Trulia & Uber
“What a brilliant program! Congratulations to the OJI team. It’s literally been the most profound learning experience I’ve ever had.”
Catherine Couchman
Critical Care Nurse
It's a harsh reality that new managers are often left to figure out how to manage and lead without any training. That's why Oji Foundations is so important. It addresses the key skill areas that a new manager needs to thrive.
Danny Warshay
Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University

Emotions. They impact everything.

We all know that emotions are critical to performance. How come we never learn to manage them? How to identify them, understand them, and harness them, for ourselves or others? Now you can Improve your team’s EI. Within months, you’ll see better collaboration, higher engagement, lower burnout and improved business results.

More than a feeling.

Over 300,000 studies have shown that emotions sit at the heart of human performance, in business and nearly every other setting. Case in point: the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence completed a study in 2018 that showed that manager emotional intelligence had a massive impact on team performance and motivation.

News flash:
EI is a learnable skill like any other.

With Oji Emotions, you’ll master a set of skills that will help you raise
your EI. And when emotions become a tool for success, instead of an invisible
obstacle, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

You’ll learn how to... Recognize your emotions Regulate your emotions Recognize others’ emotions Co-regulate others’ emotions

What’s included?

Complete, and completely unconventional

Improving emotional intelligence is a process, not an event. Oji Emotions includes everything your teams need to build, retain and grow their EI skills.

Supercharge e-learning with live learning

Conversations with Oji Coaches deliver breakthroughs with lasting impact.

Get a 360˚ view of your emotional intelligence

Collect feedback on how you manage emotions and then get personalized coaching

Learning support, just when you need it

Chat with our coaches when you need help applying your EI skills to real-life [real-world] situations.

This library’s open 24/7

Review your favorite videos and written guides anytime and anywhere.

Bring the team together

Engaging live group check-ins reinforce learning at the team level.

Ready to rollout to your team, or just
want to learn more? Either way, it’s easy!

$349 per person, one time


  • Full access to the complete 50-step learning program
  • 5 live learning sessions led by an Oji Coach
  • Includes Mood Meter mini-app, video library
  • Live text chat with Oji Coaches
  • Oji Life Lab App for iOS and Android
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Everything included for Individuals, plus…

  • Full rollout support from Customer Success Team
  • Web Dashboard for engagement tracking
  • Success Story access for ROI analytics
  • Personalized webinar check-ins for your teams
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