The end of soft skills training as you know it.

We have one mission: to deliver lasting skills your teams will use every day.

We’re not talking about familiarity or even enthusiasm. We’re talking about behavior change that really moves the needle. Our Life Labs build skills, going way beyond simply transmitting knowledge. And because Life Labs live on a mobile platform, they’re convenient and scaleable – everyone from executives and salespeople to operations managers and customer support teams can participate.
In a matter of weeks, any organization will start realizing benefits like increased employee retention, improved collaborations, better relationships with clients and, often, greater sales and profits.

Hybrid learning for the hybrid workplace.

To build real skills, we had to build a new learning concept from the ground up.

That’s why Life Labs innovate in three key areas:

1. Learning Content
2. Technology Platform
3. Live Coaching

Each Life Lab’s content translates the work of world-renowned academics (like Oji Life Lab co-founders Dr. Marc Brackett and Dr. Robin Stern of Yale University) to a hands-on microlearning sequence that builds big skills in small steps.

The learning sequence is delivered in our very own Oji App, integrating video, short articles and readings, personal reflections, hands-on activities, polls, and more.

Best of all, Life Labs seamlessly integrate live video learning sessions led by Oji coaches, bringing each program to life with conversation, feedback, coaching, and more. Life Labs are hybrid learning experiences that deliver big results.

Results you can see

Other learning programs list the facts your team has memorized. Our proof-of-performance system shows you the real-world application of newly acquired skills, all on a convenient web dashboard. Better decisions. Lower stress. Elevated performance. Get the stats, and hear the stories. It’s a beautiful thing.

Good Company

“What a brilliant program! Congratulations to the OJI team. It’s literally been the most profound learning experience I’ve ever had.”
Catherine Couchman
Critical Care Nurse

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