Emotional Regulation Strategies

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy | Aug 17, 2023
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According to Oji Life Lab’s  co-founder Dr. Marc Brackett, emotion regulation is, simply put, about being able to handle our emotions in helpful ways.  Sounds easy, right?

While we can create awareness around emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, it’s often challenging to regulate our emotions without practicing the strategies available to do so.  

So how do we do it?  Check out this easy to follow guide…

Some of these strategies are available to you anywhere, in a minute or less.  Others will take a little longer but can be planned with intentionality.  

We never want to ignore our emotions, we want to give ourselves permission to feel them.  Learning to regulate our emotions increases our wellbeing and impacts our relationships.

Oji Program Coordinators -

We invite you to share this article as is through your various communication channels.  Click here to download a PDF version. You may also wish to:

  • Post one strategy a day to your learners via your messaging app
  • Have learners pick one strategy they will all try this week and then report back
  • Share the graphic as a standalone or as part of a job aid document
  • Gamify by having your learners share a story via the Oji app describing how one of the above strategies impacted them
    Need more ideas!  Reach out to your Oji Customer Success manager or support@ojilifelab.com
Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy

Jen Jortner Cassidy serves as the Director of Customer Success for Oji Life Lab. She partners closely with organizations to implement Oji’s learning programs and always strives to be user friendly.

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