Live-Virtual Experiences in Oji Foundations

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy | Aug 14, 2023
Live-Virtual Experiences in Oji Foundations

As you embark on your Oji Foundations journey, you may be happily surprised to see that you’ll have many opportunities to interact with Oji coaches as well as your peers. This is intentional.

This program is designed with Leadership Mastery in mind and uniquely incorporates self-paced learning with live online discussions.

The two types of interactions you’ll have are as follows:

Team Lab: Each Oji Foundations learner is assigned to a small team, which meets online once a month. Facilitated by a dedicated coach, these collaborative working sessions will include a series of in-depth sessions and projects that will allow you to apply what you’ve learned and further develop your leadership skills. You will receive an email from reminders@ojilifelab.com with all the details, including a schedule of all Team Lab sessions

  • All Team Lab sessions are pre-scheduled. If the assigned schedule is problematic for you, please contact support@ojilifelab.com to be placed into a new team.
  • If you are unable to attend 1-2 of the sessions, please let your coach know by sending them a chat. To do this:

Be sure to @ mention your coach so that they are aware that you are unable to attend

We ask this since coaches plan interactive activities for each session, and it is important for them to have an accurate headcount.

Live Labs: Separate from the interactive Team Lab sessions, you will also have group coaching sessions through the learning program. We refer to these sessions as Live Labs, and unlike the Team Lab sessions, they are integrated into the learning sequence and scheduled at your convenience. Throughout your learning journey, you will be prompted to schedule a live lab for a group discussion with an Oji Life Lab coach to answer questions and reinforce the concepts learned. Please note that these sessions must be scheduled and attended to move forward in the learning sequence.

You can view the complete program outline here.

If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to us at support@ojilifelab.com

Oji Program Coordinators -

We invite you to share this article as is through your various communication channels. Click here to download a PDF version. You may also wish to:

  • host office hours internally, allowing for learners to share what has transpired during team labs with colleagues internally
  • create a new managers channel via your messaging app to encourage sharing and communication
  • encourage new managers to ask their direct reports for feedback along the way

Need more ideas! Reach out to your Oji Customer Success manager or support@ojilifelab.com

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy

Jen Jortner Cassidy serves as the Director of Customer Success for Oji Life Lab. She partners closely with organizations to implement Oji’s learning programs and always strives to be user friendly.

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