Oji Emotions: Post Kickoff Email Template

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy | Aug 16, 2023
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You've had your Oji Emotions kickoff and everyone is excited.  In about a week's time, you check your Oji dashboard and your heart sinks.  While some have gotten off to a great start, there are others who haven't started at all and you find yourself frustrated.

This, often, is the reality with any new and innovative learning program.  People have the best of intentions, but things get in the way. We're all juggling a lot these days and prioritizing can be a challenge.

Sometimes a little nudge or reminder is all it takes to get people back on track.  We've created this template to help you do just that.  You are welcome and encouraged to customize it based on your unique program requirements and the culture of your organization.  

Need more ideas?  Reach out to your Oji Customer Success manager or support@ojilifelab.com

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy

Jen Jortner Cassidy serves as the Director of Customer Success for Oji Life Lab. She partners closely with organizations to implement Oji’s learning programs and always strives to be user friendly.

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