Oji Foundations Introductory Messaging

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy | Aug 1, 2023
Wooden blocks that spell the word Foundation / Photo Credit: Unsplash

Let’s be honest…

How likely are you to open a system generated email? If you are like me, the chance is pretty low, unless I have some context for what the email is about.

How likely would you be to open that same system generated email if you were given a heads up about it, particularly from someone that you know and trust?

I bet the chances are significantly higher.  That is why, as you plan for your Oji Foundations launch, we recommend providing context to your learners by leveraging this template before they get their official welcome email from the Oji app.

A few things to keep in mind:

This messaging is meant to be a starting point for you.  You know your audience best and what kind of language resonates with them, so edit and modify this template to meet your needs.

  • Consider who will send the email.  Often this is the Oji Program Coordinator, but you may also consider it being sent from a member of your organization’s leadership team or person that the group of learners reports to.
  • How can you go beyond email?  Are there other communication channels such as an instant messaging app that will allow you to get the word out?
  • How will Oji Foundations be positioned for the learners?   What is the timeframe for completion?  Is it part of a larger learning initiative?  Ensure that your learners have the details they need to be successful.

Need more ideas?  Reach out to your Oji Customer Success Manager or support@ojilifelab.com

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy

Jen Jortner Cassidy serves as the Director of Customer Success for Oji Life Lab. She partners closely with organizations to implement Oji’s learning programs and always strives to be user friendly.

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