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Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy | Aug 23, 2023
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Learning new skills and developing lasting habits is really hard.  Oji Life Labs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve skill development, but there are still several great ways to enhance the learning experience to make the process fun and more effective. 

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite success tips…

Find an “Accountabilibuddy”: Learning is more fun with friends.  Similar to having a gym buddy, learners may wish to find a colleague who is also going through the Life Lab.  This will allow them to keep each other accountable and check in with each other on the learning.

Partner with an Oji Alum: If others in your organization have completed a Life Lab, they are in a great position to offer guidance to those currently engaged in learning.  Not only can they inspire, they can also share how they’ve applied their learnings within your organization.

Share Stories: The Oji app encourages learners to capture stories that describe learning benefits.  While those stories stay in the Oji app and are private by default, learners may wish to also share their stories via your organization’s messaging app (Slack, Teams, etc.)

Schedule Time: Modern calendars can be difficult to manage.  From back to back meetings to shifting priorities, learning often goes by the wayside.  Having a consistent time scheduled each day or a few days a week for learning can have incredible results. 

Upgrade a Routine: We’ve heard people say that once they get engaged with a Life Lab that they find themselves going to Oji instead of social media.  A great tactic can be to complete a step with morning coffee (or beverage of choice), or anytime you want to take a short break.

Learn and Burn: Looking for something to keep you busy while on the elliptical or treadmill?  This is a perfect time to take a few steps. 

Eyes on the Prize: Learners who complete a Life Lab receive a badge which can be proudly displayed on LinkedIn and recognized organizationally.  This can be motivating in itself, working towards that official recognition.

What other tips have worked within your organization?

Need more ideas?  Reach out to your Oji Customer Success Manager or support@ojilifelab.com

Jen Jortner Cassidy Jen Jortner Cassidy

Jen Jortner Cassidy serves as the Director of Customer Success for Oji Life Lab. She partners closely with organizations to implement Oji’s learning programs and always strives to be user friendly.

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