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Ashleigh Rosette, Marc Brackett, Ralph Keeney, Robin Stern, Avi Kluger, Tamra Chandler, Linda Hill Meet our Program Experts Leadership mastery begins with learning from the best minds in the field. Oji's program is meticulously crafted in collaboration with a distinguished team of world-class thinkers, using the latest research. Commercial jet flying into the sunset A masterclass in destroying a remarkable culture While there are many reasons for Boeing’s current circumstance, the most glaring—and avoidable—is a lack of organizational transparency. When employees don't feel safe, they don't bring up key issues, and you don't have transparency. Leadership has failed. Learning and Development team in a meeting The Essential Skill Your Employees Should Have Now US workers were stressed out at record-high levels in 2022 — and at a rate 20% higher than the global average. While there are many things employers c Disengaged female employee sitting at desk Quiet Quitting – Here’s What You Should Focus on Instead If you’ve been following the growing debate over “quiet quitting,” you might have gotten the sense that this phenomenon — employees consciously pullin Woman using the Oji Emotions learning app on her mobile phone The Traditional Training Workshop Doesn’t Work — So We Reinvented it When L&D professionals like you identify a need to train your staff on a specific set of skills, you can usually find plenty of organizations offe Female employee sitting at laptop with her fingers resting on her forehead Strategies that Work: Managing Emotions in the Workplace Whether we go to work in a downtown skyscraper or on a laptop flipped open on the dining room table, we bring our emotions with us. Organizational cul Candles light up the dark A Light in the Dark If you are feeling discouraged or anxious, sad or frustrated, taking even the smallest step can help you shift emotionally and improve your mental health. Illustration of woman with chin resting on her hand Experiencing an Election Hangover? Experiencing an Election Hangover? Here are some tips to help you cope this week... Illustration of colorful silhouettes overlapping each other Emotions of Racism: A Resource List Oji Life Lab recently hosted a webinar on the Emotions of Racism. What we learned: these conversations can be hard. The even harder truth: the impacts

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