Andrea Hoban

Colorful illustration of two silhouettes having a conversation How To Listen: A Guide for White People Though we're already struggling with the challenges of a pandemic, American society is now also experiencing a new urgency around the long-standin Graph with straight line for "what people think" and squiggly line for "what it actually looks like" The Emotions of Uncertainty The Emotions of Uncertainty Every day we endure a long list of events where pandemic reality diverges from pandemic expectations, and that divergence brings a long list of emotions, including uncertainty. Screenshot of conference call with Andrea Hola, Dr. Marc Brackets, and Dr. Robin Stearn Emotions & Relationships During COVID-19 Q&A Emotions & Relationships During COVID-19 Q&A. In our recent webinar on managing healthy relationships during the COVID era, the participants fielded more questions than we could answer in the hour we had together. So, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions here. Looking down a stretch of country road Job Insecurity: The Emotional Road Ahead Discover EQ resources to help navigate emotions around unemployment during the coronavirus & find healthy ways to cope with job insecurities. Image of a solitary brick The Brick On My Chest Our lives have been upended by COVID-19. Our emotions are amplified and the impact on our mental and physical well-being is more noticeable. It might just qualify as one of the world’s craziest and scariest rides. Meetings Are Not (Always) the Answer A theme has emerged. In our new work-from-home reality, people are being asked to join meetings all. day. long. Learn about emotionally healthy ways of dealing with stress in this new landscape filled with remote meetings and WFH trends.

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