Matt Kursh

Leader shaking the hand of a newly promoted manager. Why New Managers Fail and How Oji Foundations is Revitalizing Leadership Training First-time managers start their new role brimming with excitement, only to realize in a moment of panic soon after that they fundamentally lack the skills needed to do the job. Screenshot of Oji Life Lab's November feature release - Stories and our new Dashboard Our Biggest Release Ever We're excited to bring you our November update to the Emotion Life Lab! It's chock full of exciting new features that we hope you'll love. Illustration of text bubble that says, "What's your story?" Why Stories Matter At dinner recently, my son talked about the difficulties of pre-calculus. While he's always had a great feel for math, what stood out for him were Silhouette of person sitting on edge of bed and stretching Waking Up When I talk to people about their work, I often find myself wondering what gets them out of bed in the morning. It takes a lot of energy to launch yourself from bed to the workplace – shower, dress, eat, kids, commute.

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