Our Biggest Release Ever

Matt Kursh Matt Kursh | Nov 11, 2020
Our Biggest Release Ever

We're excited to bring you our November update to the Emotion Life Lab! It's chock full of exciting new features that we hope you'll love. Whether you're a learner in the Life Lab or a customer supporting a group of Life Lab learners, there are a ton of new features to explore.

As always, our focus is on helping you improve your emotional intelligence learning. Our new features provide greater motivation (Stories), convenience (My Work and Bookmarks), and analytics (Dashboard), all with the intention of helping each learner gain deeper EI skills than ever before.


If we had to pick our favorite new feature, it's Stories. Stories allow learners to capture their real-life EI "wins" as audio, video or text stories, whether they're about a better business decision or an improved relationship with a colleague, customer or kid. The goal: to grow your motivation by cultivating what psychologists call self-efficacy. Simply put, as your sense of success is increased, your drive to learn increases, too. For more background on Stories and self-efficacy, read our post here.

You can capture a Story anytime you notice a success. So, anytime you think "that went better than I expected," you can record a story and remind yourself how much you've learned. Plus, the Emotion Life Lab will remind you to record Stories at opportune moments, so you won't forget to recognize your progress.

Story Dashboard

Did we say that this is a big release? Well, here's another reason it's a big deal: we're launching a brand-new Dashboard for our organizational customers that will let them track and analyze user progress.

Before we dig into the details, let us confirm the obvious: we remain 100% committed to learner privacy. The data in the Dashboard is anonymous, except in those cases where a learner specifically shares data.

While the Dashboard will grow to offer a variety of powerful features over time, for now it's focused on allowing administrators to gain insights into the number and types of Stories that users are capturing. The key to analyzing Stories is the family of tags that learners use to identify the benefits they're realizing, like better decision-making or improved stress management. Taken together, these features provide a quantitative window into the qualitative journey of building EI. Our inner data nerd is so excited!


Many users have asked us to make it easy to bookmark their favorite cards, so that they can come back and re-watch a video or read an interesting article. Now, you can bookmark most card types and revisit them anytime.

My Work

Here's another frequent request: learners want to go back to review their answers to key questions from the Life Lab. Now, with the new My Work feature, you can see these cards in the Path screen as well as the Library. While not all cards with user input are visible in My Work today, we will be expanding this feature over time.

Taken together, these new features will make it more fun, convenient, and compelling for each learner to grow their emotional intelligence. Most importantly, they'll deliver the EI breakthroughs that Emotion Life Lab users are eager to experience. Enjoy!

CEO and Co-Founder, Oji Life Lab
Matt Kursh Matt Kursh

Matt is CEO and co-founder of Oji Life Lab. He has worked in tech, opened a learning center for teens, and served on boards of all types (public, private, and nonprofit).

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