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Oji Editorial Staff | Apr 22, 2024
Professional woman in glasses, representing refreshingly different professional development training
Refreshingly Different professional development training

Unlocking your potential - Whether you are considering online learning, workshops, or live Zoom sessions for your teams, there is a fundamental flaw in conventional learning that leads to poor outcomes. Developing a skill is hard. Mastering skills is even harder.

Oji Life Lab’s transformative approach to learning applies leading-edge learning science to optimize skill development, transforming employee performance. If you wanted to learn to fly a plane, perform surgery, or just become an accomplished athlete, you’d know that completing a course in a classroom wouldn’t get you to your goal.. Becoming a great leader is no different. Here’s what makes Oji Life Lab programs different and far more effective:

Spiral Learning - an iterative learning technique that revisits key concepts in increasing levels of sophistication, deepening your understanding and enhancing retention, for a truly effective learning experience.

Spaced Repetition - think flashcards in elementary school, on an epic level. Our programs leverage a systematic approach that helps learners practice “active recall” of the skills and knowledge being taught throughout the program. This active recall builds muscle memory and reinforces long-term retention of the skills and knowledge taught. 

The Forgetting Curve shows that without iterative or repetitive learning, most of us forget 90% of what we learn within 8 days. With Oji’s training system, you can supercharge your teams' long-term retention - and forget about the forgetting curve.

Live Learning - video learning sessions led by our terrific Oji Coaches - in both group and one-on-one settings - deliver personalized coaching, fascinating conversations, live practice, and more. Whether tackling complex concepts or practicing essential techniques, our expert coaches are here to help your employees succeed. 

Team Lab - Collaborate, innovate, and get support from a group of peers in our interactive Team Lab! Supported by a dedicated Oji Coach, each Team tackles real-world challenges, engages in fascinating conversations, and practices key skills.

All of these methods are integrated into a mastery-centered learning system to optimize retention and understanding, with an emphasis on helping to develop and hone lasting skills. That’s the Oji Life Lab learning system and there is nothing like it

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