Decision Making

Ashleigh Rosette, Marc Brackett, Ralph Keeney, Robin Stern, Avi Kluger, Tamra Chandler, Linda Hill Meet our Program Experts Leadership mastery begins with learning from the best minds in the field. Oji's program is meticulously crafted in collaboration with a distinguished team of world-class thinkers, using the latest research. Professional woman in glasses, representing refreshingly different professional development training Why Oji is Different Oji Life Lab’s transformative approach to learning applies leading-edge learning science to optimize skill development, transforming employee performance. Molly Cohen, Digital Content Strategist First Impressions of the Oji Foundations Program In a world of remote and hybrid work, community is more important than ever. I’m currently enrolled in a leadership program through Oji Life Lab, which has given me a built-in community of peers. I wanted to share my experience in the event that my story will be helpful to others. Woman using the Oji Emotions learning app on her mobile phone The Traditional Training Workshop Doesn’t Work — So We Reinvented it When L&D professionals like you identify a need to train your staff on a specific set of skills, you can usually find plenty of organizations offe Employee sitting at computer with hands together contemplating Effective Decision-Making Starts with Regulating Your Emotions Did you know there’s a 95% correlation between companies that excel at decision making and those with top-tier financial performance? That finding fro

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