Professional woman in glasses, representing refreshingly different professional development training Why Oji is Different Oji Life Lab’s transformative approach to learning applies leading-edge learning science to optimize skill development, transforming employee performance. Male patient being reassured by nurse in hospital setting Managing Mental Health in a Customer-Facing Role Customer experience can make or break a business. Execs know it. In McKinsey’s 2022 State of Customer Care survey, improving customer experience was t A group of business people sitting around a table. Skills that Sell and Save Million Dollar Accounts J&J hired the smartest sales team. They understood the product perfectly. But doctors were kicking their sales reps out of the OR. They had an Woman using the Oji Emotions learning app on her mobile phone The Traditional Training Workshop Doesn’t Work — So We Reinvented it When L&D professionals like you identify a need to train your staff on a specific set of skills, you can usually find plenty of organizations offe Illustration of manager talking with her team Using Emotional Intelligence to Boost Team Performance Emotional intelligence is a popular topic for managers and leaders in business, but many don’t really know what EI is or how to put it to work. Emotio A manager sharing feedback with an employee The One Superpower Managers Need to Deliver Effective Feedback that Inspires The ability to provide effective feedback to employees is a must-have skill in any company. Research published in the Harvard Business Review shows th

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